Koosmik Charity Program


Since the founding of the Koosmik company (2014), we have had the honour to take part in several philanthropic projects. Our humble contribution to the common good through charitable initiatives is not only motivated by our social responsibility but also by our values, our convictions and our future success. For us, it is clear that we can and must grow while maintaining a positive social footprint. It's a matter of balance!

We invest our time to offer our technical skills to several organisations and foundations.  We donate to charities carefully selected according to our field of activity and our philosophy. Furthermore, Once a year, members of the team voluntarily take part in a project alongside local associations.

We have leveraged our geek DNA and our electronic payments knowledge for the following: 

Direct donations

To secure direct donations without any banking or payment processing fees

Philanthropic projects

To launch philanthropic projects at zero cost through online crowdfunding

Charity events

To raise awareness for projects online and during special charity events

Key dates and involvement

2014 – Luxembourg

Launch of the Charity Programme by Grégoire Yakan (Koosmik Founder).

2014/2015 – Turkey/Syria

Supporting the war refugees through Kader NGO.

2015/2016 – Philippines

Donation to Juniclair & Pathway’s high potential / low resource programme for students in Manila who work to provide training to a new generation of future leaders (University of Ateneo).

2016 – Luxembourg

Public launch of MoienFund, the first charity crowdfunding platform in Luxembourg.

Attendance to "philanthropy for all" organised by Banque de Luxembourg.

2016 – Columbia

Donation in support of Caritas’ action to strengthen the productive and organisational processes for the rural population in the Meta Guaviare Department (high crime and guerrilla zone).

2017 – Senegal

Supporting Juniclair & Samu Social of Senegal to help the most vulnerable and de-socialised street children.

2017 – Luxembourg

1st Moienfund Charity Raffle during Koosmik's 2nd annual Garden Party

Our dedicated volunteers

Grégoire Yakan

Funding & Partnerships

Emily Cooper

Communication & Events

Charity Crowdfunding by Koosmik