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It seems obvious that we should feel good about going to work considering we spend on average a third of our lifetimes working, however this is not always the case as we tend to choose our jobs based on criteria other than happiness.

There are as many corporate environments as there are companies. A variety of atmospheres, organisations and company cultures can be distinguisher on either side of the extremes; some good, some bad. It all comes down to two types of workers; those who make up in the morning and look forward to going to work and those who are riddled with doubt and anguish at the prospect of going to. It is no wonder many of the latter suffer psychological consequences.

In fact, following a study conducted by TNS-ILReS (2010), nearly 43 % of Luxembourg employees claim to be under constant pressure, 20% of which have experienced burn-outs. This trend continues to spread. Although the levels in Luxembourg remain lower than in other European capitals, most likely due to the high quality of life that Luxembourg offers.

Many specialists, doctors and sociologists now refer to burn-out as the disease of the century.

A fulfilled worker encourages productivity and efficiency!

To achieve greatness, workers must be trusted and validated. Also it is important to have a good understanding of oneself and to understand what type of company best suits our personality and motivations. Luxembourg is an interesting setting to test this theory because the segmentation of companies is very pronounced. There are banks, the Big Four, law practices, investment fund ManCos, commercial companies not forgetting the emergence of a brand new class: Start-ups!

Concerning the work environment, start-ups can be segmented like any other sector. There are iconic examples such as Microsoft or apple, previously Macintosh; Worldwide success stories than began with a few clever engineers in a garage!

A start-up is first and foremost about adventure, ingenuity and an ability to make the best out of the least. These shape versatility, solidarity and team spirit. But this type of structure is suited to everyone. These youthful enterprises demand a strong dose of autonomy, selflessness and problem solving abilities from their teams.

We do not keep track of our work hours either, often required to work evening or weekends! A start-up’s success in a competitive environment relies largely on the quality of the talents it is composed of as well as their ability to complement each other. Investors continuously insist that they invest in people before the solution! Based on the confidence they have in the teams to achieve their objectives.

One of the first major challenges for a start-up CEO is to build the best team possible for the job and to structure the workplace sufficiently to allow the talents to work in perfect synergy.

Furthermore, the notion of hierarchy is replaced by lean management, much less vertical than in other companies. The exchange of information is an asset to the company generating ideas, new concepts as well as forecasting potential issues. Each person is encouraged to bring their contribution to the fold.

When combined these factors turn start-ups into true innovation labs, able to overcome huge feats. This can be compared to small football teams, whose strong bond can allow them to achieve greatness, as did Leicester this year.

What a joy to be a part of such epics! Here at Koosmik, we are convinced that our talents are the key to our future success! We are determined that each of our new recruits mirror the same values and are passionate about their journey. We will soon be moving to a small detached house with a garden to ensure our team feel at home in a pleasant work environment. We are also committed to organising regular team building events to continue to forge relations and consolidate trust between our employees. Finally, it is essential for us to set an employee stock option plan to encourage a drive for success based on specific targets.

 Koosmik Go: Team building inspired by Pokemon

In this spirit, Koosmik recently organised a two-day team building event dubbed Koosmik Summer Camp, encouraging our technical and non-technical teams to bond through development focused workshops before pulling together for an afternoon of DIY.

As a non-work related team building exercise we devised an orientation game based around the current sensation, Pokemon Go. This game was not only a lot of fun but allowed our team members to discover Luxembourg and its iconic scenery.

If you think you have what it takes for this kind of human venture, don’t hesitate, if you’re skilled enough, you’re old enough!

Go to our website: to see our current vacancies.

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Matthieu Crance

Matthieu Crance

Matthieu has gained significant experience in start-up entrepreneurship, business & strategy innovation. At Koosmik, he is the overseer of operations and resident philosopher.

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