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CES 2019 – Las Vegas 🇺🇸 January 8-11 Luxembourg village #51663 – Sands Eureka Park Koosmik is delighted to announce that they have been selected to

2017 Crazy predictions

A new year signals new predictions. The aim of the game is to forecast risky and somewhat disturbing events that could take place this year.

Best Wishes

The Koosmik team is delighted to wish you all a very happy new year. We thank you for your continued support that has helped us

Outer space predictions for 2016

Our associates and robots propose both their unreasonable and eccentric visions for this year   The discovery of water on Mars, the All Blacks consecration, «

Happy fintech year

Fintech sector is expected to record an economic boom    The Koosmik team warmly extends to you its best wishes for this New Year. A

E-commerce Paris and next steps

First spacewalks    We introduced their beta program on the e-commerce Paris Salon last 21,22,23 September. We thank all our guests, customers and visitors with