Smart cities make for smart economies

For several years now, city planners across the world have been investing in urban infrastructure to make their cities smarter.  The World Urbanisation Prospect, a

Being an expat is my home

The days of borders and single nation economies are behind us. Globalisation may only represent a minute phenomenon in the grand scheme of human history,

Happy fintech year

Fintech sector is expected to record an economic boom    The Koosmik team warmly extends to you its best wishes for this New Year. A

E-commerce Paris and next steps

First spacewalks    We introduced their beta program on the e-commerce Paris Salon last 21,22,23 September. We thank all our guests, customers and visitors with

Introducing Koosmik

Koosmik Corp is a technology holding company based in Luxembourg, London and Hong Kong. European Headquarters are located in Luxembourg. Our main activities : Consulting

Fintech big bang

From scratch to launchpad    We think that financial services are the next e-revolution. We want people and merchants to be absolutely free from fees,