A beginners guide to saving

Saving is one of the most difficult yet important things to do. Especially since there is always something to pay for. Young people, in particular,

Koosmik ends the world cup with a BANG

At Koosmik, we love to interact with our users. We hosted a prediction challenge and brought together our pioneers for a post-world cup celebratory tournament.

Interview with Caritas Luxembourg

Interview with Caroline Theves, Head of donor and partner relations at Caritas Luxembourg, by Moienfund   Established in Luxembourg since 1932, Caritas have been one

2017 Crazy predictions

A new year signals new predictions. The aim of the game is to forecast risky and somewhat disturbing events that could take place this year.

Are you start-up material?

It seems obvious that we should feel good about going to work considering we spend on average a third of our lifetimes working, however this

Outer space predictions for 2016

Our associates and robots propose both their unreasonable and eccentric visions for this year   The discovery of water on Mars, the All Blacks consecration, «