1st Annual Koosmik Football Tournament – A celebration with the community

On July 26th 2019, at the field of AfriKlub Lomé, Koosmik organized a football tournament that opposed 6 well-prepared teams. This strengthened Koosmik’s commitment to its community.

It was a moment of exchange, laughter and sharing. Koosmik wanted to bring joy into the hearts of its pioneers to convey the message that together we are building the Next Generation Mobile Account.

Only together we are going to build the new digital mobile money account

6 teams of 8 players … 9 matches of 20 minutes … There was a cheerful atmosphere with the presence of great pioneer supporters. The tournament started at 2:30 pm and after 4 hours of battle the Koosgoal team (which gathered some members of the community) won the tournament. It was a strong opponent for the Koosmik team, the Onomo team, the Leading Youth & Sport Development (LYSD) team and the two other pioneers teams. Koosgoal took the win thanks to its well-honed team and the commitment showed by the players on the field.

Each of the tournament’s participants left with 2,000 Koosmiles. The winning team, Koosgoal, left with 5,000 Koosmiles per player as well as Koosmik gifts. The top scorer with the name “Boom Faya” was also awarded at the end of the tournament. He received his award from the hands of the founder of Koosmik, Mr. Grégoire YAKAN. This tournament was also marked by the presence of the entire Management team of Koosmik including Chairman Mr. Claude GRUNITZKY, General Administrator Mr. Foli ADANLETE and Director Koosmik Togo Mr. Victor STEVENIN.

The event ended with a fun shared moment in which the Koosmik teaml and tournament participants gathered around drinks to discuss the latest feedback from the community about their experience with the Koosmik app and propose new ideas for the project.

We’re all excited to see what’s coming next!

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