Koosmik can be downloaded in Europe in the 31 countries of the EEA, in West Africa, in the countries of the UEMOA zone as well as for Ghana. Note that if you choose an account in FCFA, you are linked with Koosmik Togo and are only supposed to be able to use the service in the territory of Togo.

However, you can use Koosmik to make transfers worldwide.

Your registration with Koosmik allows you to benefit from a standard account whose account balance and monthly credit are limited to 200,000 FCFA.

Any user is invited to immediately switch to a premium account which involves providing their valid ID. A premium account has a maximum balance of 2,000,000 FCFA and a maximum monthly credit of 10,000,000 FCFA.

There is a special account, going beyond the above limits. For more information, please contact Koosmik.

Please contact us or look at the CGU Pro to know the Pro limits.

Yes, if you make a payment request to someone who does not already have a Koosmik account, this person will receive an email or text message inviting them to create their account. Once she has completed her registration, she will be able to consult her pending requests and thus receive or send the amount in question. You can also invite your friends to Koosmik using the Sponsorship function.

Koosmik is an account keeping and payment platform accessible via a mobile application on your smartphone

The application offers:

  • Account management with balance and transaction history
  • Transfer between individuals
  • Depositing and withdrawing money
  • Remote bill payment
  • Payment in store by QR code

You can register in 2min. For this you will need to enter your phone number and contact details, then create your password. You will then be able to take advantage of the application’s features.

Personal informations

To change your primary phone number, you must first add a secondary phone number in your Settings.

Then click on the pencil icon to the right of the secondary number, and select “Use as primary number”.

In your settings, you can add one or more phone numbers. Once verified, they can be used to send you money and make requests for money.

They can in no case be used to connect to your Koosmik account, this remains possible only by the primary telephone number.

Normally no. In your settings you can add secondary email addresses to your account but you cannot change your primary address.

There may be exceptions in certain circumstances, if you would like more information, please contact us.

In your settings, you can add one or more e-mail addresses. This, once verified, can be used to send you money, you can also choose on which e-mail you want to receive your notifications.

However, if you wish to connect with your email address, you should use your primary email.

It is an additional security measure but highly recommended, when activated you will receive a confirmation code by text message which you will need to enter before you can log into your account. For more information, please refer to our Security page.

You can change your password in the menu on the left which will give you access to your Settings. Then you will have to go to “Security” to follow the instructions for changing your password.

Payement and withdraw

Yes you can make an account statement of the history of your activities.

This functionality is found in your settings in the “Transaction” section. Your settings are accessible via the left-hand menu of the application.

You can cancel a request or send a money if and only if the recipient has not yet accepted it.

To do this, go to your history and select “Pending”. You will find all your transfers that are not yet accepted by the recipient, so you can cancel them.

To benefit from Koosmiles during a sponsorship, the sponsored account must have completed its registration and carried out at least a first operation.

Please note that a transfer operation between the new account and the sponsoring account does not validate the above condition.

Koosmiles refer to a point system as part of an incentive program that rewards you for your activity and your commitment.

Koosmik is working on its network of partnerships where its users will be allowed to use their Koosmiles to obtain discount coupons.

The more people you sponsor, the more you will be rewarded. If you become a very active sponsor, you will also be able to receive a cash credit on your Koosmik account


No, to date it is impossible to have a Koosmik premium account without having provided your identity card.

Yes, you need the premium account because without it your maximum balance will be 200,000 FCFA on your Koosmik account, with a maximum monthly incoming flow of 200,000 FCFA.

With a premium account, your maximum balance will be 2,000,000 FCFA with a maximum monthly incoming flow of 10,000,000 FCFA in your account.

When you register on Koosmik, you complete a standard account. You will then be blocked at a maximum balance of 200,000 FCFA on your account with maximum monthly incoming flows of 200,000 FCFA.

To exceed these limits, additional information will be requested and you will then switch to a premium account. The information required is a legal obligation necessary for the fight against fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Note that this can take several days, once your information is confirmed, you can have a maximum balance of 2,000,000 FCFA with maximum incoming flows of 10,000,000 FCFA.

Your identity card is required in order to verify your information provided. It will allow you to increase your balance limit and incoming flows on your Koosmik account and will give you access to additional functionalities (remote bill payment, tontine). The same applies to the other information requested.

This is the premium account. The information required for this account are legal obligations necessary for the fight against fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.


Respect for privacy, confidentiality and protection against all forms of attack on your personal data as well as on your electronic money account are essential components of Koosmik’s values.

So with Koosmik you have:

  • a secure connection of the application, transfer and servers according to international standards
  • the possibility of canceling an operation carried out if the recipient has not yet accepted it
  • double authentication possible at connection and mandatory for the withdrawal of money from the account
  • an internal fraud detection system developed by Koosmik

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