Koosmik at the 2019 edition of the Adjafi Fair

The 8th edition of the Adjafi Fair, an event not to be missed for young entrepreneurs from Togo and the subregion, was held from August 22 to September 8, 2019 in Lomé.

Koosmik was present for the second time at the meeting of exhibitors and visitors with the aim of increasing its visibility and offering new users access to the many financial services available in the free application downloadable from Play Store & App Store .

It should be noted that this event, which promotes young entrepreneurs and their productions, through exhibition-sales, discussion panels and other exchange activities, benefits from the support of the Togolese Republic, various institutional arrangements dedicated to youth entrepreneurship in Togo.

Koosmik was able to benefit from a prime location for its stand, which attracted the attention of visitors and exhibitors. A dozen agents wearing the colors of Koosmik also contributed to the visibility by being deployed on the ground for the occasion. With flyers and their smartphones, they went to conquer the many participants of the Fair. In total, 250 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors participated in the 2019 edition of the Fair.

The application met a craze from the prospected people who hastened to validate their Premium account. On this edition, 4500 new users have joined the Koosmik Community. They are also looking forward to the official launch to take advantage of the services and features offered by the Next Generation Mobile Account.

We thank all our pioneers for their presence.

Koosmik has also met many companies with interesting profiles: structures that evolve in the organization of events, the media, distributors of local products, restaurants, microfinance, promoters of trade fairs and fairs. Discussions have been initiated with them to develop partnerships for future events.

The event brought together the Koosmik team and the Community. This action of proximity to strengthen the bonds of trust that exist between Koosmik and its users. It was also an opportunity to respond to the concerns that have been identified by the support service and thus better explain the best use that must be made of these features. Our presence on this event has led to the reactivation of some dormant accounts. All this took place in a friendly atmosphere. Several concerts and games were organized by the organizers to entertain and educate participants.

We thank all our pioneers for their presence.

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