Koosmik officially reveals himself in Togo

On the evening of November 28, the New Generation Mobile Account was unveiled to the Togolese population during a ceremony attended by renowned personalities: ministers, consuls and diplomats.

During this official presentation, the Koosmik e-wallet was explained to the guests in a festive atmosphere, full of colors and sound.
To announce the beginning of the evening, folk groups animated the gardens of the Hotel Onomo Lome with the different sounds that make Togo so rich.

At 6:00 p.m., the opening address of our General Administrator, Mr. ADANLETE Foli, launched the ceremony. Then the dance group “Fabio Dance” who as been sponsored by Koosmik on previous events, animated the evening with some “New Generation” choreographies.

Being a mobile account, Koosmik allows you to build a community, to value human relationships through your service.

Koosmik wanted to highlight the work of some partners during the evening with a trophy presentation. 4 people were nominated during the evening: Charles Degbe (Best Koosmik Ambassador), Marc Pilard (ONOMO Hotels), Jean-Luc Agboyibo from LYSD (Leading Youth Sport Development) as well as Constant Djeket, NSIA Insurance representative.

Claude Grunitzky, Chairman of Koosmik, provided information on the values defended by Koosmik and which is reflected in his logo: bringing smiles to people through innovative financial solutions.

The evening ended with a presentation by the members of the Koosmik team and a word of thanks from the Founder, Mr. Gregoire Yakan.
The Koosmik team was complete with the Togolese team and the Luxembourg team who had come specially for the occasion.

Waders were also present to show their mastery of this art. To finish the evening, we had the opportunity to exchange with the partners present, to take beautiful souvenir photos around a glass of Champagne, glass of wine and petits fours.

Check out some pictures of the evening in this article or check out our Facebook album for all the pictures:

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