Security at Koosmik


At Koosmik, the security of your financial data is paramount and is at the heart of our business. We maintain high security standards that comply with the most recent regulations and we ensure that it is maintained across all of our services.


We pay special attention to protecting your information and fighting fraud. We comply with the anti money laundring and corruption standards, and with the European data protection regulations.


Dual authentication provides secure access to your Koosmik account. Real-time synchronization of your phone ensures that you are the only person who can access your account.


When you entrust funds to Koosmik, they are placed on secure servers that are monitored to detect any intrusion or suspicious movement.


Your transactions issued on the Koosmik network are secure at all times. The amount sent will arrive in the shortest delay at the recipient's address.

High-level encryption (AES-256)



This technology is the top security standard for storing information on servers. Even if we are hacked, intruders will not retrieve any of your personal data.

3D Secure technology



Your online payments are protected thanks to 3D Secure technology. Online transactions have to be validated from the phone synchronized to your account before being processed.

Koosmik Customer Service is here to help you.


You think the security on your account has been compromised? Contact our Customer Service from the app’s chat room.

If you have further questions or would like to know more about the security measures implemented by Koosmik, you can find more information on our Support Center.

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