Three weeks after the tornado in Luxembourg, what is the damage?

On August 9, 2019, southern Luxembourg and more precisely the towns of Pétange and Bascharage were crossed by an impressive whirlwind which caused a lot of damage. Nearly 200 homes suffered major damage including roofs literally torn off by the force of the winds which blew more than 120 km/h.

KOOSMIK gives all its moral support to the many compatriots affected.

Today, three weeks after this event, the victims of the tornado are still waiting for help. After a moment of real solidarity when many people cleaned up the damage in the cities, the outcome remains catastrophic for many victims who see no real progress in repair efforts. Many have not heard from their insurers or companies specialized in roofing, who are backed up with appointments. Indeed, some of the victims had to front the costs of repairs to see the work begin while other homes are still without roofs.

Help for people in difficulty has been announced by the Luxembourg Prime Minister, Xavier BETTEL.

KOOSMIK gives all its moral support to the many compatriots affected.

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