Sustainable development goals


Our commitment to building strong communities.



According to the BCEAO, 73% of the Togolese population is unbanked. No access to banking services means no access to savings and credit products, difficulties in covering health or education costs, and little or no opportunity to develop a professional activity. This is why there is a strong negative correlation between access to financial services and the poverty rate.

Koosmik believes in financial inclusion as a driver of economic growth. We therefore strive to provide individuals and businesses of all sizes with access to financial services tailored to regional constraints.



The distribution of microcredits and micro-insurance is done with an attentive eye on gender equality. We are careful to maintain a parity distribution ratio, which enables women of all ages to achieve financial independence and have equal access to education, healthcare and professional activity.

Koosmik believes in using technology to empower women in West Africa.



Sustainable finance is a core value of Koosmik. Environmental impacts are assessed and considered for every project we undertake, and we strictly adhere to a paperless, all-digital policy.

Koosmik believes in the role of start-ups in the ecological transition and encourages green and responsible behaviour.



In West Africa, the median age is 20 years. Togo is therefore rich in a young, qualified and high-potential population. In this community, many need a helping hand to create or seize the opportunities that will enable them to ensure their future and that of Togo.

Young people believe in Koosmik, Koosmik believes in them. That’s why we dedicate a large part of our products, operations and events to Togolese youth.


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