Forum Etudes & Koosmik reinforce their partnership

The new year is underway! The directors of Forum Etudes and Koosmik have wasted no time in strengthening their partnership and over the next three years. This union will focus on key research and development projects. This announcement stems from the momentum of a very positive previous yea, when our collaboration started in late April. This period has allowed us to test and confirm the relevance of this collaboration.

Since 1993, Forum Etudes have been specialised in the organisation of qualitative and quantitative market research studies. It offers its key accounts a qualified database of over 100K individuals readily available to take part in all kinds of paid market research studies. Until recently, the panellists were compensated with a cheque sent through the post. This outdated method proved to be very constraining from an administrative point of view. “Imagine the work load involved in having to write, sign and send thousands of cheques on a weekly basis!” insists Nicolas Douel, CEO of Forum Etudes. He goes on to explain “From now on all compensations are distributed to the panellists in electronic money via Koosmik. Payments are now executed automatically and instantaneously, and we manage this via our own interface which is linked to Koosmik’s API”. This digital transition equally favours the company’s social responsibility as it reduces its environmental footprint.

For Grégoire Yakan, the CEO of Koosmik, this endorsement is a positive sign. “There are several synergies” he states “Forum Etudes made over 350K Euros worth of compensations in 2016, and perspectives are on the rise for 2017; this will generate a significant flow of money in circulation within the Koosmik ecosystem”.

It is equally an advantage to be able to rely on this qualified database of individuals and to convert a certain proportion of them into regular Koosmik users.

Besides, Forum Etudes will certainly be able take advantage of the new international markets Koosmik is exploring, notably in Africa. Broadly speaking, this compensatory system proposed by Forum Etudes is very much in line with Koosmik’s incentive strategy that is demonstrated through its dedicated loyalty scheme.

Both directors are brimming with ideas and are prepared to leverage their collective resources and skills to sustain a fruitful cooperation.  There is no lack of topics to discuss; for instance, Big Data which will need to be mastered to improve process of qualifying the panellists; or even blockchain technology, the list is endless!

Promising more opportunities to work together.

In the meantime, we wish all of Forum Etudes panellists and Koosmik’s users a happy and prosperous new year!!


Nicolas & Grégoire

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Grégoire Yakan

Grégoire Yakan

Grégoire founded his first company before his 20s while he was studying math and working as an IT consultant. Geek-entrepreneur with strong human values, he has been the ship’s captain since day 1. He is known for his long term vision, hardworking spirit and famous quotes.

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