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Haras de Prepinson Turnkey Website

Due to its different services and international clientele, the Haras de Prepinson would greatly benefit from a website to showcase their activities and better attract a broader client base.

Website Implementation Duration  2 months

Modifications & Support Duration 3 months

Total Duration 5 months

React Native
Redux (Toolkit & RTK Query)
I8n/React-I8n (Translation)
Google Maps
Monorepro (Lerna Js)

For this project, Koosmik built one specific website that could showcase two different brands and service lines. We then went on to manage and update the content on the Website and train our client so they would be able to independently modify content on their own, as they would regularly need to update the horses they have for sale. We also had a key collaboration with Papilio Productions who acted as the creative director for this project and created all the media for the website (from photos to moving images).


This has enabled our client to showcase the premium quality of their services, all while having a functional digital tool to handle and receive booking requests.

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