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Richard Wu is the latest addition to the Koosmik team, he joined at the end of July to spearhead the UX/UI design of our applications. Here, he tells us a little bit more about himself and his journey that lead him to join Koosmik.


Richard, we know you speak 5 languages and have lived in the four corners of the world. What else can you tell us about your background?


I was born in Taiwan and I have been living in Luxembourg since the age of 7.  I played the piano when I was a kid. I was definitely not good at math and had a hard time with German grammar in high school.

I have always been told that I was good at drawing so I ended up in a high school with a good art section.

I then went on to study graphic design in London, which was a great city to live in. Because of my interest in technology and my desire to travel and explore Asian countries, Hong Kong seemed like an interesting place to start with.

I stayed there for 5 years, completing my degree and gaining my first work experience, before coming back to Luxembourg.


Can you tell us a little about your journey to becoming a UX/UI designer?


I studied graphic design and I have always been interested in technology. I, therefore, decided to take the Multimedia and Entertainment Technology course in Hong Kong.

Since I love the whole design process from listening to implementation including the front-end development side, it felt natural for me to look for work with product design teams responsible for creating a usable design for digital applications.

Being part of the UX/UI allows me to explore and learn a wide spectrum of knowledge and it certainly helps me to push the design into new territories by also using applied psychology alongside the technology. Then the digitalization of services is continuously growing and I believe there will be new opportunities and challenges for UX designers.


What does design mean to you?


Design is about solving problems. Trying to find meaningful and usable solutions.


Can you name a particular case study that has inspired you?


Not particularly for now. I get my inspiration from everywhere. There are so many great references, and design projects out there.


What about your mission at Koosmik, what is your vision?


Creating a meaningful product for its African users, facilitating how they manage and use their money. There are many opportunities created by what Koosmik does and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper

Emily studied film and media production, she has worked in Film, Events and Marketing in both London and Luxembourg. At the Blue Hub; Emily holds the fort, keeps the staff happy and manages Koosmik’s community and marketing.

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