Interview with the winner of our pre-launch competition in Togo

From May 4th to May 14th, 2018, Koosmik Togo organised a pre-launch contest that demonstrated strong engagement from our community pioneers. To participate, users had to complete the sentence “If I had 1million FCFA on my account, I would…”. More than 80 “next generation mobile wallet” early adopters joined the game. Mr Amedi Moïse, the lucky winner of the first prize, was interviewed by Koosmik Tv during the awards ceremony on June 6th, 2018. Below is an excerpt of their exchange.

Koosmik TV: Hello Mr Amedi Moses, welcome to Koosmik Tv. We would like to get to know our lucky winner a bit better. Can you introduce yourself please?

Mr. Amedi Moïse: I am a student in Human Resources Management. I am 23 years old and I’m from Togo. I hope one day to be the head of Human Resources for a large company.


Tv Koosmik: What are your first impressions of the app and the user experience?

Amedi Moïse: I found the Koosmik application very interesting. Since you are in a test phase, I got the opportunity to try out all the features available. I am now awaiting the launch eagerly, it is a brilliant solution, that will offer young people the future in personal finance, this is very exciting.


Tv Koosmik: Would you recommend Koosmik app to your friends?

Mr. Amedi Moïse: Yes, I invite all my friends to use the app. First, it’s fast; I already tried to send money and it was great. It’s also a good way to manage your money safely and without fees. The chat especially is a great feature, I love chatting with my friends and it’s great the app allows this as well as exchanging money. Also, my friends all agree that the app is modern and fun, in particular, the loyalty program entices competition between us.


I am now awaiting the launch eagerly, it is a brilliant solution, that will offer young people the future in personal finance, this is very exciting.

Tv Koosmik: How did you manage to have so many “likes” on your comment? Those likes have allowed you to win the first prize, an Infinix hot 5 smartphone.

Amedi Moïse: I just tagged a lot of my friends in the comment; I invited other people by message to “like” my comment and it paid off. I am grateful for it.


Tv Koosmik: Before we let you go, tell us what you plan to do with your new phone?

Mr. Amedi Moïse: I will use it with a new number, open another Koosmik account and refer lots of people.

Tv Koosmik: Thank you for being on the Koosmik TV. We were delighted to have you, and hope you will continue to be an active member of the Koosmik community and participate in our future competitions.


Koosmik is currently in a closed pilot test phase in Togo. Once launched, Koosmik app will provide its users with a free digital wallet allowing them to make free and instant transfers, pay in shops and online, make deposits and withdrawals through a large network of service points, and much more. 

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to follow the launch and for more games and competitions coming soon…

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Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper

Emily studied film and media production, she has worked in Film, Events and Marketing in both London and Luxembourg. At the Blue Hub; Emily holds the fort, keeps the staff happy and manages Koosmik’s community and marketing.

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