Chief Of Staff

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Current Openings


  • Responsible for organizing board and shareholders meetings, documents and minutes
  • Ensures effectiveness of governance and that board resolutions are applied
  • Ensures reporting obligations and KPIs are always updated and accessible
  • Ensures subsidiaries correctly report back to headquarters and processes are applied
  • Assists company in matching admin and audit obligations

Other duties

  • Communications
    • Controls brand positioning and public awareness
    • Monitors all marketing and communications activities and helps improve KPIs
    • Organizes and attend events in order to improve company coverage and attractiveness
    • Manages journalists and specialized press in order to ensure a controlled, positive newsflow


  • Legal & Compliance
    • Legal: Ensures the company is legally protected and contracts are up to date, including insurance policies and supplier contracts
    • Compliance: Manages employees, experts, vendors and sub-contractors to ensure the best level of compliance in the company
    • Data Privacy: Ensures the company is compliant with all data privacy regulation frameworks (GDPR especially


  • Human Resources
    • Manages corporate capabilities, including dealing with country openings, local legislations, government regulations and public policy
    • Manages talent, with a focus on attracting and growing top talent
    • iversees Internal communication with employees (individually) and staff (group) to ensure company policies are applied


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Assists the company in developing, managing and altering social responsibility policies
    • Determines and calculates “Impact” metrics (ESG)
    • Leads with anti-bribery policy application and whistle-blower protection
    • Develops a program of community-based CSR opportunities with charity partners and others


Absolute Requirements

  • English: native or bilingual
  • Legal background or experience
  • Budgeting or financial control skills
  • Influence/Brand/Digital marketing friendly
  • Entrepreneurship/startup experience

Nice to have

  • Writing skills or public speaking
  • Past experience in fintech
  • Volunteering experience
  • Fundraising/Product roadshow
  • Event planning and organization


It is our responsibility to provide you with a proper work environment so you can focus and do your best to achieve your objectives:

  • Work when you’re the most efficient (flexible hours) ;
  • Take part in team building events and social gatherings.


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