How is it to work at Koosmik?
Current Openings


  • You will assist a senior developer, which will teach you about our infrastructure
  • You know how to write high quality code. Readable and optimal.
  • You know how to optimize codebase, or follow instructions to do it
  • You will teach juniors and interns how to do great coding and be an awesome sensei


Absolute Requirements

  • You know git well, and you mastered pull request
  • You are proficient in React.js and React Native. And Redux have no secret to you.
  • You know about EcmaScript new features and used them with babel
  • You have already worked with Typescript
  • You mastered some php frameworks (particularly Symfony 3 or 4)
  • You know how to use Docker and Docker-compose
  • You know mySQL and postgreSQL, even without ORM.
  • You have a github account, and you already have your own projects, OR you did some pull-requests
  • You use Unix-like OS (linux / macosx) for development

Nice to have

  • You are familiar to RESTful APIs
  • You have knowledge about Api authentication like Json web token
  • You have great experience with yarn/npm, babel, eslint, webpack, composer
  • You have already work with nodeJS
  • You know how to write tests
  • You have some knowledge about sysadmin and deployment
  • You already use amazon web service, for work or for your own usage
  • You like Python 😉


It is our responsibility to provide you with a proper work environment so you can focus and do your best to achieve your objectives:

  • Work when you’re the most efficient (flexible hours) ;
  • Take part in team building events and social gatherings.


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