Koosmik ends the world cup with a BANG

At Koosmik, we love to interact with our users. We hosted a prediction challenge and brought together our pioneers for a post-world cup celebratory tournament. Keep reading to find out more.

Wow what a world cup, four weeks of breath-taking football! The Fifa World Cup 2018 left us hanging to our seats, with our hearts racing after every ball kicked. We cheered, we laughed, we smiled, we cried but the most important thing is that it brought us together. Never have we seen such a sport that unites the world; but also, our pioneers.

In the spirit of the World Cup, our team at Koosmik came up with an idea to engage our pioneers through a series of challenges, as part of the pre-launch campaign. This was an opportunity to interact with our early adopters and give them a chance to test the chat and transfer features of the app.

Through the app, our users participated in a prediction challenge, attempting to guess the score of one match per day. This definitely was not an easy quest. Each day, we awarded those who made the right predictions with Koosmiles. Koosmiles won could be exchanged for vouchers, and phone top-ups.

We must say, the competition was fierce! Our members did their utter best to make the right predictions.
We saw from the most outrageous to the very nail-biting responses. Our cynical minds wondered away.

Our pioneers were undoubtedly engaged, which is why we decided to host a celebratory prize-packed football tournament to end the competition with a bang.

As every football fan knows, putting together a winning team is essential for success. The day started with an array of welcoming snacks consisting of fruits and pastries.

Five teams, three winners, eight minutes, the games began. 11 matches later, a winner was announced.

The footwork on display was almost flawless, and the united front of our players was brilliant. They might have all won the top prize because the games felt very united in an embracing way. Microbe FC took the lead in first place, while the Alpha and Marshal team were named second and third, respectively.

Pioneer, Arturo Herve also deserves a mention, as he definitely brought some life to the event with his bold jokes and his impeccable enthusiasm.

Several awards were given during the event:

1st prize: Koosmik t-shirts, 15,000 Koosmiles, and Go-Karting tickets
2nd prize: Koosmik Tshirts, 10,000 Koosmiles
3rd prize: Koosmik Tshirts, 7,500 Koosmiles

To top it all off, we celebrated with mouth-watering pizzas and some refreshing drinks.

We took advantage of this opportunity to get user feedback from our pioneer community in order to improve the user experience on the app. Many of the pioneers wanted the referral process simplified, which we noted. We are currently making changes to improve the referral process because user feedback is very important to us.

Watch this pace, the adventure continues…

See you at the 2019 AFCON’s, Pioneers!

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Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper

Emily studied film and media production, she has worked in Film, Events and Marketing in both London and Luxembourg. At the Blue Hub; Emily holds the fort, keeps the staff happy and manages Koosmik’s community and marketing.

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