On the occasion of the Viva Technology fair in Paris from May 16 to 18, Koosmik met many companies and interesting profiles.

Constantly looking for partners, Koosmik has been talking to ViaLink about KYC’s process automation for Africa and Europe.

The African startup Teliman sparked our interest. Indeed, this Moto-Taxi company based in Mali promotes digital technology in West Africa. The goal would be to integrate directly their services on Koosmik in order to be able to purpose it to our users.

Finally, the issues we care about include food waste and sustainable development. The Start Up Food4All offers these services to solve these problems.

Viva Technology has enabled Koosmik to make enriching encounters as well as the discovery of new startups full of ambitions.

The event brought together Team Koosmik to the full, bringing together teams from Paris, Luxembourg and Togo to meet and discuss the next priorities while enjoying a friendly moment.

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