Offer your Customers a Smarter Way to Pay

Process payments instantly from any connected device.

A fast & simple payment experience

Enter the Amount

Simply enter the value of your customer's purchase to create a transaction.

Scan the QR code

Ask your customer to scan the QR code.


Taking card payments is that easy using Koosmik.

Free & instant set-up

You can sign up for free any time and without obligation

Lower transaction fees

Transactions fees are fixed at 1 % allowing you to process card payments for any amount

Faster payments

Payments are processed instantly and your electronic wallet will be credited in real time

Widen your payment offer

Allow your customers to pay by card without it affecting your business

Incentive scheme

Prescribe this solution to other merchants and get one month of for free

Alternative to costly terminals

No monthly subscriptions, line rentals or hardware required

Get started in 3 easy steps!


Improve your customers’ payment experience

Frustrated by the time consumed cashing up group tables?

Save critical time by allowing customers to pay smart.

How many shoppers have avoided your store because of this restriction?

Increase your appeal by offering a hassle-free
alternative to cash.

Is this the most efficient way to serve your customers?

Boost customer happiness by providing a faster payment option.

Tired of sending countless reminders for outstanding bills?

From now on, ensure you get paid for your services in real-time.


Is there a set-up fee?

No, you are completely free to start using Koosmik Pay for your business at any time. All you need for the set-up is a mobile device to download the application onto.

Please keep in mind that when dealing with larger sums of money you will be required to undergo additional legal security measures. For more information please see the section on KYC.

Can I use Koosmik Pro on several devices?

Yes, you can log-in to Koosmik on several devices and will be able receive payments and manage your account from these devices.

Although, beware of whom you share your Koosmik pro login as they will have full access to your account including the ability to withdraw money. 

Find out more about security.

Is the payment instant?

Yes, your Koosmik Pro wallet will be credited instantly when your customers pay you through Koosmik.

Can I export my transaction history?

Yes, from your desktop you can download a PDF export of your monthly account movements, you will find this a the top right of you "Account" page.



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