Simple, Secure,
and Confidential Experience

Koosmik is a secure electronic money platform where you can:

  • Hold and manage your electronic account
  • Pay online and in shops
  • Transfer money instantaneously with friends

The more you use the app and invite others to join the more you will be rewarded.

Real-time transfers

Good account make good friends. Pay people back in an instant, send requests and keep track of your pending requests.

A smarter way to pay

Make purchases easily using your smartphone.
You can use Koosmik Pay on websites and in shops.

Rewarding & community driven

Pay with Koosmik, invite your friends and complete missions to earn Koosmiles.
Then convert them into cash!

Account management

Track and filter your expenses


Safer than a traditional wallet

No fees

Entirely free of charge & without obligation


Can I transfer money to someone who does not have an account with Koosmik?

Yes, If you make a payment request to someone who does not have a Koosmik account, they will receive an e-mail inviting them to join Koosmik. Once they have registered they will be able to see their pending payment requests. You can also invite friends to join Koosmik using the Refer a Friend feature.

Where can I use Koosmik Pay?

Koosmik Pay is available for shops, merchants and online shops. Among are clients already using this feature are private companies, , a hôtel chain and charity organisations.

If you are a merchant interested in using Koosmik Pro please click here.


Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer?

You may transfer or withdraw up to 1000 euros, once you have reached this limit you will be prompted to complete your profile and verify your identity. This is known as KYC.

Are my transactions free?

Transactions between individuals are entirely free. Payments to a merchant incur a transaction fee on the merchant's side.



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