It was at CES Las Vegas last January that Koosmik met the startup MU-DESIGN with presence at the event alongside the Luxembourg delegation and our team.

Knowing their first product, a surveillance camera looking like an owl named ULO, their new smart plant project has captured all our interest. Indeed, Lua is a planter similar to a pet. Using sensors, Lua will make you understand each of your plants emotions and needs.

Looking at the state of our plants here at Koosmik, needless to say that we’ll pre-order a dozen of LUA for our premises!


To better understand the LUA project from the inside, we interviewed Vivien Muller, CEO of MU-DESIGN.

– Where did the idea of LUA come from?
VM: The idea is part of a larger concept that I like to call “emotiv-tech”: it creates a layer of emotion on technology. From this came the idea of the flower pot to turn the needs of the plant into universal emotions that are easily interpretable.

– What has been the biggest challenge so far?
VM: There were many … But I would say the production of our first product; ULO. Then probably looking for investors (as well as) good partners.

– How many LUA can you deliver for Christmas 2019?
VM: Everything will depend on the result of the Indiegogo campaign, we hope to have the same evolution as for ULO. Our goal would be (to reach) at least 1000 pre-orders from LUA for a delivery scheduled for December 2019.

– What (are the) next steps for your company in 2019 or 2020?
VM: It’s very important not to get lost and focus on one project at a time, so the next (big) step will be to produce and deliver LUA. Then, the idea will be to improve the existing products while keeping this idea of emotiv-tech. I already have so many ideas for future projects, but every thing in its time…

To pre-order your LUA, click here:

A plant LUA VS. the current plants at Koosmik…



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