Outer space predictions for 2016

Our associates and robots propose both their unreasonable and eccentric visions for this year


The discovery of water on Mars, the All Blacks consecration, « the agreement » at COP21, but also Paris attacks, the migrants’ crisis or the collapse of commodity price. Whatever tragic or full of hope, that’s a few highlights of events we will remind from year 2015. We barely have time to catch our breath that 2016 sneaks up on us. No sooner said than it seems already comfortably installed in our life for better or for worse?

Trying to beat the fate to the punch, our associates and robots are giving you their both unreasonable and eccentric visions. Here is our prediction podium :

#3 – Euro 2016 : Unseen Final Poland vs Belgium


Purists will appreciate, Bookmakers will be delighted, who knows? Anyway, our algorithms have followed a lead which does not look that irrational. Let’s have a look at the stats:

  • FIFA ranking: the first European country at the FIFA ranking joins the Euro final almost systematically;
    To reach the final, you must score goals: Poland is simply the best team of the qualifying stage in terms of goals scored;
  • The Murphy Law: every 12 years, the tournament is ending with a surprising final (Greece in 2004, Denmark in 1992, Belgium in 1980, etc.).


For the gamblers, note that as of today, such a bet would pay you off 500 times your bet (source Skybet). We have therefore decided to bet £10 all together.

30 WTI = 1200 USD = 1200 EUR = 84000 RUB = 3 Bitcoin = 1 Ounce Gold

Stronger than Einstein’s E=MC2 ! The mystic equation with 6 unknown variables eventually resolved! The perfect balance. The World in peace? No, not for now on according to our calculators. Nevertheless, more than one trader or businessman would pay a lot to get the scoop! Guess what? Koosmik gives it to you in preview. However, we won’t be able to reveal our method in detail. Imagine that we finally have right, it would be a shame not to monetise our complex calculations.

At least, you will find here some keys of reading:

  • Crude oil prices at USD 40 (according to our theory, it could not go down to the cost of an empty barrel);
  • A protectionist outburst from the ECB. Yes we can ! Like a competitive devaluation to reduce as much as possible the growth of SMB failures in the industry;
  • The USD which is maintaining high level in the strength of its armed wing of foreign policy;
  • End of collapse for the Rubble that will leverage on new agreements between US and Russian to stabilise;
  • A bitcoin going up, profiting from new stress and speculations on banking markets;
  • And strong raise of Gold, acting more than never as shelter securities.

Bonus question: do you know how oil there is in a barrel?


Market crash at the end of the year


Some are waiting for it, others only see irrational fantasy. But it is somewhere in everyone’s mind like a haze over our head that could cover us with at anytime and making terrible damages. Will fall on us, or not? Our robot has his idea, it is for this year!

Here are some clues on the context in which should evolve financial markets this year:

  • Huge level of liquidities compared to the slowdown of global economic growth;
  • Volatility and Speculation on financial markets should reach a pick;
  • Disastrous state of public finance in Europe;
  • Geo-political stress always more important with a new bipolarisation of the World between two blocks: pro US vs pro Russia;
  • Intensification of pro-independence claims and associated stress in Kurdistan area but potentially also in Catalonia or Scotland;
  • Weakening of social balance in Europe with the accentuation of migrants crisis;
  • Political immobilism of governments engaged in electoral campaigns:
    1. Russia, Legislatives, on 18 September 2016
    2. US, Presidential, on 8 November 2016
    3. India, Iran, France, Germany in 2017

This situation is a real threat for the international business environment and could push many financial players to yield to irrational fears that could have a very negative impact on companies and economic markets. This is the reason why, in opposition to a lot of analysts, we do not bet on a positive year on financial markets.

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Grégoire Yakan

Grégoire Yakan

Grégoire founded his first company before his 20s while he was studying math and working as an IT consultant. Geek-entrepreneur with strong human values, he has been the ship’s captain since day 1. He is known for his long term vision, hardworking spirit and famous quotes.

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