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Parc Omega App

Parc Omega is a safari park in Quebec - Canada with a 12 kilometer extension nature route with lakes, small valleys, forests, and rocky hills where people can observe and have contact with wildlife. Koosmik’s mission was to digitalize the costumer experience. 


React Native
Redux (Toolkit & RTK Query)
I8n/React-I8n (Translation)
Google Maps
Monorepro (Lerna Js)

Koosmik developed the Parc Omega App, which is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS, built to facilitate the visit of tourists in the park. Different from normal zoos, the park is a wildlife sanctuary where the animals live free of cages and are treated with respect. As the park is enormous, some features in the app help the visitors to have a more pleasant and productive visit such as tickets purchase, full info about the park, audio guide, maps, and more.

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