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Parc Omega Mobile App Dashboard and API

As an enormous wildlife park with huge extension of land and a bug number of animals, the Park needs the support of accurate data and technology.

Duration of Dashboard: 3 MONTHS

Duration of API: 6 MONTHS

Duration Total: 9 MONTHS

Redux (Toolkit & RTK Query)
I8n (Translation)
Material UI
Prisma ORM
PostgreSQL (Database)
Swagger OpenApi Docs
AWS S3 (Image storage)
SendGrid (Mailing)
JWT Access & Refresh Token

A dashboard is a way of displaying various types of visual data in one place. Koosmik built one specific for the park to manage and update the content on the mobile Apps, from animal content image, to accommodation and restaurant info. Every content on the app is editable through the dashboard. 


In addition to this job, we built the API. API is the acronym for application programming interface — a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. The Parc Omega Api is a RestFull Api which is used by both the mobile Apps and the Omega  Dashboard with Open Api Swagger documentation.

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