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  • Mariane Bunn

4 innovative AI websites to boost your efficiency

In a peach colored background, there's a computer and a man walking on the keyboard.

Explore new tools to manage your emails, secure a lucrative job, customize audiobooks, and much more. Is AI now a vital part of our daily efficiency? Interestingly, this is a question AI itself might be best equipped to address.

It's clear that globally, there's a rapid increase in the creation of AI-integrated websites.

With this in mind, here are four exciting new sites designed to save you precious time.


Don't be misled by its name. Indeed, Inbox Zero provides robust features to control your emails, including an intuitive dashboard to help you swiftly opt out from unwanted emails like marketing blasts and intrusive newsletters.

It displays a sender list, the frequency of their emails, and crucially, how often you've opened those messages. This feature alone saves a lot of time by prioritizing which senders to disconnect from first, simplifying your unsubscribe choices.

Moreover, the website features a straightforward AI assistant that allows you to efficiently manage your daily influx of emails. It includes an auto-forward feature: "If someone inquires about benefits, forward it to HR." It also offers auto-labeling and a very useful auto-reply feature: "If asked about pricing, reply 'Hi, thanks for your inquiry. Our premium plan is $10 a month or $100 annually.'"

This service is compatible with Gmail and offers a complimentary plan that allows you to unsubscribe from up to five emails monthly. AI functionalities start at $10 monthly.


What better method to discover the capabilities of AI than by using AI itself to explore available tools?

If you're about to start a task and wonder, "Could AI handle this?" visit What AI Can Do Today to find a tool that might assist you.

The platform has reviewed over 5,000 AI tools, identifying over 30,000 tasks across more than 100 categories.

It features an AI-driven search tool and is continuously updated with new resources. It’s essentially a comprehensive resource for AI assistance.


FreshRemote.Work is an optimal resource for locating remote job opportunities, simplifying the search for potential salaries. The homepage organizes jobs from the newest to the oldest, and categorizes them based on salary increments of $20,000.

Each listing is enhanced with AI to provide additional context for each role, featuring a convenient “Preview” button that reveals a detailed sidebar including information about the region, benefits, required skills, and more.


When you need to quickly learn about a specific subject, turn to AnyTopic. Input your topic and the site uses AI to create a custom “audiobook” for you to listen to via your preferred podcast app. For example, a query about the 1987 Minnesota Twins yielded a remarkably accurate four-minute audio file. Though a few player names were mispronounced, it closely resembled human narration. It might not be as long as a typical audiobook, but it effectively covers the essential details.

Source: Fast Company


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