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  • Mariane Bunn

Amazon Music launches Maestro, its AI playlist generator

Theres a brunette smiling girl with headphones. She is surrounded by pink background and musical notes.

Amazon Music has joined the trend of AI-driven playlists, announcing on Tuesday that it is now testing "Maestro," an AI-powered playlist generator for U.S. users on both iOS and Android. With Maestro, users can craft playlists by either speaking or typing their preferences, which can include emojis as well.

The service allows users to input prompts related to activities, sounds, or emotions, and even offers suggested prompts at the bottom of the screen for those unsure of what to request. Shortly after submitting a prompt, the AI responds by creating a playlist that ideally suits the provided criteria.

Currently in its beta phase, Amazon acknowledges that Maestro might not always deliver accurate results initially. Similar to Spotify, Amazon has implemented measures to prevent the use of offensive content within prompts. Despite these precautions, there are expectations that users may attempt to circumvent these restrictions.

At this stage, Maestro is accessible only to a select group of Amazon Music's free users, as well as Prime members and those subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited in the U.S. This limited rollout contrasts with Spotify's AI playlist feature, which is being tested in the U.K. and Australia.

The service offers enhanced features to subscribers, such as the ability to instantly play and save playlists. However, Prime and ad-supported users are limited to listening to 30-second previews before they can save the playlists. This limitation may encourage more users to opt for a paid subscription to fully enjoy the AI features, aligning with the trend of premium AI services being available through paid plans.

To use Maestro, users must update to the latest version of the Amazon Music app and select the Maestro option on their home screen or use the plus sign to start a new playlist. Users can then enter their playlist prompts and begin streaming. Playlists can also be saved and shared.

Amazon also suggests several playful and quirky prompts to demonstrate the creative possibilities with Maestro, such as “😭 and eating 🍝,” “Make my 👶 a genius,” and “Music my grandparents made out to,” among others.

While Amazon has not specified when the beta will be available more broadly, it plans to gradually extend access to more users over time.

Source: TechCrunch


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