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  • Mariane Bunn

CES 2024: The future unveiled in Vegas

Updated: Jan 18

The desert of Las Vegas looks more like an ocean when it comes to innovation at #CES - Consumer Electronics Show 2024. With over 130,000 attendees and 4,000+ exhibitors crowded into the bustling halls, this year's show was a breathtaking showcase of tech's future. But among the flashing lights and futuristic prototypes, three undeniable trends emerged: the omnipresence of AI, the unwavering focus on sustainability, and the unstoppable rise of healthtech.

CES Venetian Salon
CES 2024

#AI everywhere, done right: Artificial intelligence was everywhere in the CES, infiltrating everything from cars that drive themselves to robots that cook your dinner. But not all AI glitters gold. The word spread was responsible AI, with experts emphasizing the need for ethical, sustainable, and customer-centric implementations. It's a clear message: in the AI race, only those who prioritize user needs and respect data privacy will win the hearts (and wallets) of consumers.

#Sustainability takes (again) the stage: Gone are the days of greenwashing. 2024 saw companies proudly displaying their eco-conscious commitments, from energy-efficient devices to carbon-neutral production processes. It wasn't just lip service either; sustainability innovations like self-powered smart homes and recycled plastic gadgets were stealing the spotlight. This isn't just a trend; it's a new baseline for success in a climate-conscious world.

#Healthtech revolutionizes wellness: From AI-powered therapists to smart mattresses that monitor your sleep, the healthtech sector is exploding. CES unveiled breakthroughs like earplugs that combat anxiety with calming soundscapes and virtual reality programs that aid stroke recovery. These innovations, once relegated to sci-fi, are becoming tangible realities, promising a future where technology empowers us to live healthier, happier lives.

First AIoT Smart Mattress

#Innovation beyond imagination: But CES wasn't just about serious business. Gadget lovers marveled at flying taxis, foldable OLED TVs, and holographic kitchens straight out of a Star Trek episode. These futuristic delights reminded us that tech, despite its challenges, has the power to spark wonder and ignite our dreams.

CES 2024 isn't just a trade show; it is a glimpse into the future, a future where AI assistants whisper in our ears, self-driving cars lead us through sustainable cities, and our health gets a tech-powered tune-up. It was a reminder that innovation, coupled with ethical responsibility and a focus on people's needs, can truly change the world for the better.

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