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  • Mariane Bunn

Docusign's innovative future: Highlights from the Momentum Event

Docusign's CEO presenting on stage. He wears a dar grey suit and is standing in front of s bit screen.

Docusign, a British company with over 20 years in the electronic signatures market, stands as a pioneer with a client base exceeding 1.4 million. As the creators of this market, the company has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in digital agreements. At their exclusive event, Momentum 2024, held yesterday 21st of May, Docusign revealed a series of groundbreaking product releases and features set to redefine the landscape of digital agreements.


A sneak peek into Docusign's future

Alan Tijssen, CEO of Docusign, introduced the Docusign Intelligent Agreement Platform (IAM), designed to streamline the review and process of agreements seamlessly. The company is betting big on IAM, aiming to move beyond just eSignature with AI-powered tools for intelligent review, contract analytics, and automated workflows.

The new platform offers a centralized repository for all agreements, a no-code workflow builder, and function-specific AI applications for tasks like risk identification.

Image showing the next steps and tools to be lauchend

This platform, initially available in the UK and Europe, promises to elevate the user experience by integrating advanced capabilities for managing digital agreements.

Robert Chatwani, President and General Manager – Growth, elaborated on the current state and future direction of Docusign's products. He emphasized the need to transcend traditional e-signature and CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solutions, to create a comprehensive end-to-end platform. This vision includes several exciting new tools:

1.         Navigator: This tool will organize, separate, and store all agreements made through Docusign. It will also facilitate connections with third-party platforms, ensuring easier data compliance. With features like AI-assisted searches and a robust dashboard, users can efficiently manage and track agreements, renewals, and other critical data, allowing for proactive planning.

2.       Maestro: Set to launch this autumn, Maestro is an automation tool designed to manage agreement workflows. It integrates tools like NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and KYC (Know Your Customer), connecting various third-party tools and software essential for business management.

3.       App Center: This feature will integrate all systems, bringing together CLM, ID Verification, Webforms, and e-sign solutions. The App Center aims to unify data and information, providing a seamless user experience.

Clear roadmap showing when each thing will be launched.

Focus on Customer Experience: Several sessions addressed leveraging Docusign to improve customer experiences during the agreement process. This highlights Docusign's commitment to making agreements not just efficient, but user-friendly.



Docusign's Momentum event underscored their dedication to innovation and excellence in the digital agreement space. The introduction of the Intelligent Agreement Platform, along with tools like Navigator and Maestro, signifies a bold step towards creating a more integrated and efficient ecosystem for managing digital agreements. We eagerly await the official release of these features, poised to test and experience the transformative potential they hold. DocuSign continues to lead the way, setting new benchmarks in the realm of electronic signatures and beyond.

You can watch the event clicking here.


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