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Google Maps adds speedometer and speed limits to iOS and CarPlay

A person holds a smartphone displaying a digital speedometer and global navigation interface, indicating speed limits and vehicle speed. The background shows a car dashboard and a scenic road with trees and a sunset.

Google Maps has introduced speedometer and speed limit features for iOS and CarPlay users, more than five years after their initial release on Android. These features aim to assist iPhone users in avoiding speeding tickets while driving.

TechCrunch has reported that Google is rolling out these features globally for iPhone users. When users start navigation on Google Maps, their vehicle’s speed will be displayed in either miles or kilometers, depending on their region.

TechCrunch first noticed the new speeding features in action in India last week, and Google confirmed on Tuesday that the global rollout is underway.

To activate the speedometer and speed limits, users can go to their profile picture on the Google Maps app, then navigate to Settings > Navigation > Driving options. Once these features are enabled, the speed limits indicator will change colors to encourage drivers to stay within the legal speed limits of their region.

Google notes on a support page that the speedometer is for informational use only, and drivers should rely on their vehicle’s speedometer for accurate speed readings.

The speedometer and speed limits feature was first launched on Android in 2019 and was expanded to over 40 countries later that year after initially being available in select markets.

These additions to Google Maps for iOS and CarPlay are expected to provide a safer driving experience by promoting adherence to speed limits.

Source: TechCrunch


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