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  • Mariane Bunn

Google's AI Innovations at I/O 2024

CEO of Google and Alphabet on a stage with a big screen on the background. He wears sneakers, jeans and a dark green shirt.

At the recent I/O developer conference, Google emphasized its commitment to AI, mentioning it over 120 times during its keynote. Among the announcements, several standout AI products and features were unveiled, showcasing Google's ambition to integrate AI across its services.

One of the key highlights is the introduction of generative AI in Google Search, which aims to revolutionize how search results are organized. Depending on the query, users might see AI-generated summaries, discussions, and lists of suggestions. Initially, this feature will enhance pages for users seeking inspiration, such as trip planning, and will later expand to include dining options, recipes, and more.

Google also announced improvements to its AI-powered chatbot, Gemini, through Project Astra. The new Gemini Live experience allows for in-depth voice chats on smartphones, adapting to users' speech patterns and responding to their surroundings in real-time. This feature, launching later this year, will enable Gemini to answer questions based on what the smartphone's camera sees.

Another significant reveal was Veo, Google's answer to OpenAI's Sora, capable of creating 1080p video clips from text prompts. Veo understands various cinematic styles and can make edits to footage, offering capabilities like masked editing and generating videos from still images.

Google Photos will introduce Ask Photos, an AI feature that enables searching across photo collections using natural language queries. This leverages Gemini's understanding of photo content and metadata to fulfill complex search requests.

In Gmail, Gemini will assist users in searching, summarizing, and drafting emails, and even processing complex tasks like organizing receipts or extracting information for spreadsheets.

Google also previewed an AI feature to detect scams during calls, using Gemini Nano to identify potential scam patterns in real-time, enhancing user security without compromising privacy.

Lastly, Google's TalkBack accessibility feature will incorporate generative AI to provide aural descriptions of objects for low-vision and blind users, improving accessibility with detailed descriptions of images encountered daily.


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