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  • Mariane Bunn

GPT-4o: the OpenAI most recent launch

OpenAi's CTO Mira Murati standing in front a screen with info about the new GPT version. The ambient is friendly, with wooden walls, plants and yellow light. Mira is a brunette slim lady with long hair. She is wearing a grey t-shirt, jeans and white sneakers.

OpenAI hosted a livestream yesterday, 13th of May, to announce GPT-4o and a new desktop app, setting a unique tone with a calm atmosphere. This seemed to reflect OpenAI's attempt to present itself as a trustworthy entity in the AI industry, amidst concerns about copyright infringement, job displacement, and misinformation. The event, led by CTO Mira Murati instead of CEO Sam Altman, aimed to create a non-threatening and intimate vibe. Murati, known for her calm attitude, addressed safety and ethics in a reassuring manner, emphasizing the company's efforts to mitigate misuse of the new technology.

The presentation featured live demos that showcased the capabilities of GPT-4o, including the usage of real-time audio and vision, in a setting designed to feel organic and friendly. This approach contrasted sharply with the more formal presentations seen at other big tech events, emphasizing OpenAI's message of being different and trustworthy. The demos included a moment where GPT-4o helped a nervous presenter with breathing exercises, further humanizing the technology.

To begin with, ChatGPT's voice and conversational skills have taken a big leap forward, as it is able to express emotions and vary its tone. The soothing female voice sounds like a human being.

Sam Altman, in a post-event blog, shared a vision of OpenAI creating AI that would enable others to bring benefits to the world. However, the event also sparked discussions about the ethical implications of AI, with comparisons made to the AI voice assistant in the movie "Her" (we recommend you to watch it). Despite OpenAI's mission to benefit humanity, criticisms have been raised about the lack of transparency in how its AI models are trained and the company's insistence on public trust without full disclosure.

Overall, OpenAI's event aimed to reassure the public of its commitment to safe and beneficial AI development, amidst ongoing debates about the ethical use of AI technology.

You can get to know and test the new version here.


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