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  • Mariane Bunn

Green Tech goes viral at CES 2024: case SK Wonderland

SK Group, a South Korean conglomerate, marked its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 with an immersive and interactive booth called SK Wonderland. The booth showcased SK's commitment to innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and clean technologies, aiming to create a smarter, greener future.

SK Wonderland: A theme park of innovation

SK Wonderland transformed the CES exhibition hall into a theme park, with seven pavilions representing different aspects of SK's technological power. Visitors were greeted by a mesmerizing "Wonder Globe," a large spherical installation that projected visuals and information about SK's AI and clean energy initiatives.

A big sphere, colourful, projecting a under the sea image, insde a booth at CES 2024
SK Sphere at CES 2024

AI: The power of tomorrow

One of the most captivating exhibits at SK Wonderland was the "AI Fortune Teller." Powered by next-generation memory technologies, this interactive installation could analyze vast amounts of data and make predictions about future trends and events. 

Clean energy: Paving the way for a sustainable future

SK's commitment to sustainability was evident in its displays of innovative clean energy solutions. The booth featured a scale model of a flying vehicle embedded with an AI processor, demonstrating the potential of AI to enhance urban mobility and reduce pollution. Another highlight was the "Magic Carpet Ride," a virtual experience showcasing how AI can optimize energy consumption in buildings.

SK's vision for the future

Throughout SK Wonderland, visitors were immersed in a world where AI and clean technologies seamlessly integrated to create a more sustainable and intelligent future. SK's goal was to inspire attendees and showcase its leadership in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

The SK booth attracted over 60,000 visitors during the CES 2024. The booth achieved praise for its creativity, innovation, and captivating storytelling. SK's efforts to promote its AI and clean energy initiatives were well-received, solidifying the company's position as a global leader in the digital era. This is Tech for Good.

A green horizon ahead

At this year’s CES, one thing was clear: the future of tech is no longer just about faster processors and bigger screens. It's about finding solutions to climate change, resource collapse, and other urgent challenges. And it's about doing it in a way that's equitable, inspiring, and accessible to all.

Join the green tech revolution:

So, how can you be part of this exciting future?

  • Keep an eye out for the green wave of innovation hitting the market.

  • Look for products and services designed with sustainability in mind.

  • Support companies committed to making a positive impact.

  • Share your thoughts on sustainability and innovation to keep the conversation going.

Remember, even small changes can make a big difference. Let's build a future where technology is a force for good, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.


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