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  • Mariane Bunn

iOS 18: a smoother look, smarter features and a touch of magic

Apple unveiled iOS 18 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week, showcasing a range of updates designed to enhance the iPhone experience. Here's a breakdown of the key features users can expect later this year:

Aesthetics with an edge:

  • Home screen and Control Center revamp:  iOS 18 offers more control over your home screen. App icons and widgets can be resized and arranged for a more personalized look. The Control Center gets a makeover, grouping controls for smoother access with a single swipe.

  • Dark mode gets darker:  A new Dark mode option allows users to tint app icons and widgets with custom colors or an iOS-suggested shade that complements their wallpaper.

Messaging gets a boost:

  • Schedule those texts:  Say goodbye to missed birthday wishes and forgotten deadlines! iOS 18 lets you schedule messages to be sent at a specific time.

  • Express yourself fully: Messaging gets a playful upgrade with the ability to react to messages using any emoji, not just the pre-selected few. You can also add text effects like bold, underline, and more to emphasize your message.

  • RCS Messaging (Finally!):  iPhone users can finally experience a smoother messaging experience with Android users. iOS 18 adopts Rich Communication Services (RCS), enabling features like improved media sharing and read receipts (carrier dependent).

Smarter Apps for a smoother workflow:

  • Notes gets an upgrade: Note-taking gets a boost with features like live audio transcripts, collapsible sections for organization, and the ability to highlight text and solve math problems directly within the app.

  • Photos gets a makeover: While details are still emerging, Apple has hinted at an improved Photos app with enhanced organization and search capabilities.

A glimpse of the future: Apple Intelligence

While not available on all devices, iOS 18 introduces a glimpse of Apple's future with "Apple Intelligence." This suite of AI features will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, offering functionalities like object and background removal in videos and potentially more advanced features to come.

The official release date for iOS 18 is yet to be announced, but based on past trends, it's expected to roll out sometime in September 2024, likely coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 16 lineup. With its focus on personalization, improved communication tools, and a touch of AI magic, iOS 18 promises to be a significant update for iPhone users. See all the previews on Apple Website.


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