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  • Mariane Bunn

Microsoft Introduces CoPilot+ for PCs, Team CoPilot and more

There's a lap top on a pink light background. On the right there is the CoPilot logo.

Microsoft expands into Generative AI with enhanced platforms

Microsoft is significantly advancing its generative AI capabilities by enhancing its Azure AI Studio and Copilot Studio platforms. The Azure AI Studio empowers developers to create AI-driven applications by utilizing pre-built models alongside their own data. Soon, it will provide pay-as-you-go access to advanced generative AI models, making these powerful tools more accessible.

Copilot Studio is also receiving substantial updates with new “Copilot agents” designed to automate various tasks and workflows. These enhancements allow developers to craft custom AI assistants with extensions and connectors tailored for Microsoft Teams and other applications, facilitating the creation and deployment of AI-powered solutions for businesses.

Microsoft reveals Team CoPilot

In a significant announcement, Microsoft introduced Team CoPilot, a new addition to its generative AI technology suite, designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration. Unlike previous Copilot products aimed at individual use, Team CoPilot is tailored for large organizations, focusing on project management and collaborative efforts.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Team CoPilot assists in managing meeting agendas, taking co-authored notes, and summarizing or answering questions about past discussions within text chats. Its functionality extends to collaboration tools like Loop and Planner, where it helps create tasks, track deadlines, and provide updates on project progress. Team CoPilot features will be available in preview later this year, requiring a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license, starting at $30 per user per month.

Microsoft unveils CoPilot+ for PCs

Moving towards an AI-driven Windows experience, Microsoft has launched CoPilot+ for PCs, featuring high-performance machines equipped with specialized chips for running AI applications. Key features include:

  • Recall: This innovative feature can remember apps and content accessed on your PC, even from weeks or months ago. Users can scroll through Recall’s timeline to revisit previous work and extract relevant information.

  • Windows CoPilot Runtime: A suite of generative AI models, including Super Resolution, which can automatically enhance old photos by upscaling them. This feature allows AI-powered applications to run offline.

  • Phi-3: A new generative AI model from Microsoft capable of performing general visual analysis and reasoning tasks.

  • Snapdragon DevKit: CoPilot+ PCs will come with a new development kit from Qualcomm. Priced at $899.99, this kit features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chip, 32 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage.

Conversational websites with GPT-4o

CEO Satya Nadella also introduced a new feature powered by GPT-4o, enabling conversational websites. A demonstration showcased websites moving away from static text and buttons towards interactive dialogue. With GPT-4o's advanced language understanding, these websites can respond to questions and requests directly within the browser.

This innovation envisions a future where websites function like built-in chat assistants, guiding users through tasks, answering inquiries in real-time, and personalizing user experiences. Although still in rollout, this technology promises to transform websites from static digital brochures into dynamic, conversational interfaces.


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