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  • Mariane Bunn

Microsoft's Copilot chatbot joins Telegram

Grey background with a colourful image on top. The image is. lot of icons put together. You can see AI written and bot's faces.

Microsoft has launched a new AI-powered tool called Copilot as an in-app chatbot on Telegram, the popular instant messaging app. This innovative feature, currently in its beta phase, allows users to engage in conversations with the AI chatbot as though they were talking to a friend. Copilot is capable of answering a broad spectrum of questions, ranging from recommendations for movies to watch, to real-time updates on baseball games.

To use this service, Telegram users simply need to search for the chatbot using its username, @CopilotOfficialBot. This feature is accessible for free on both mobile devices and desktops, although it does require users to provide their phone number.

Microsoft's introduction of Copilot into Telegram marks a significant step in the company's strategy to integrate its AI technology across various platforms. Previously, Copilot has been incorporated into Microsoft 365, Teams, and even AI-focused hardware like Copilot+ PCs. By extending its reach to third-party services such as Telegram, Microsoft is signaling its intention to make its AI chatbot omnipresent across different social apps.

This move by Microsoft is part of a broader trend among tech companies to embed AI chatbots into their messaging platforms. For instance, Meta is experimenting with Meta AI across Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Google has introduced Gemini, a generative AI for Google Messages on Android, while Snapchat has integrated ChatGPT to power responses within its app. These developments highlight the growing importance of AI chatbots in enhancing user interactions on messaging platforms.

Source: TechCrunch


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