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  • Mariane Bunn

Slack AI: making your life easier

A woman in front of a laptop, wearing headphones and smiling. On her side, there's a speech bubble with Slack Colours.

Slack has introduced a new AI-powered 'Recap' feature that delivers daily summaries of key conversations, functioning like a morning newsletter for your communications. This feature, unveiled on 18th of April, by the popular workplace communication platform, allows users to select specific channels to monitor. These summaries, which include mentions of specific individuals and links to message locations, are easily accessible from the sidebar.

Slack's new AI tools are designed to help users manage the overwhelming influx of messages. As described by Slack's VP of Product, Jackie Rocca, this tool provides a daily digest that helps users stay informed about ongoing discussions without disrupting their workflow. She likened it to "a daily digital newspaper" that summarizes key conversations.

In addition to 'Recap', Slack has made other AI-driven tools more accessible. Previously exclusive to users at the Enterprise level, features like the conversation summarization tool and the internal search tool, which can understand natural language queries, are now available to all paid subscription levels as an optional add-on.

While Rocca did not specify which large language model is used, she confirmed that the AI models are hosted on Slack's virtual cloud, ensuring that all data remains within Slack's servers without using customer data for training.

These AI features, including 'Recap', are available for an additional $10 per month for Pro, Business+, and Enterprise accounts. However, users on Slack's free plan will need to upgrade to access these AI capabilities.

Source: Mashable.


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