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  • Mariane Bunn

Unlocking the potential of water management: Koosmik’s digital leap in Cameroon

Koosmik and What Water team holding a sign in front of the water tower
© What Water 2024

Digital technology has revolutionized countless sectors and water management is set to be the next frontier. As Koosmik embarks on a transformative journey to Cameroon from February 12 to 19, alongside its partner What Water, we are on the threshold of a new era in water infrastructure management.

This venture is more than just an implementation of technology; it is the cooperation of innovation and utility. Koosmik presents smart water taps, equipped with RFID tokens, to communities in Cameroon. These tokens, rechargeable remotely via a user-friendly platform, shows a leap towards accessible and efficient water usage. The concept is simple yet revolutionary: community members can manage their water consumption with a tap of a token, bringing convenience and control into their daily lives.

But the innovation does not end with user interaction. Koosmik’s foray into the Internet of Things (IoT) provides a backbone of data that is as rich as the water it seeks to preserve. Sensors installed in the water towers will continuously monitor water pressure and levels, becoming the guardians of the flow. This constant stream of data becomes a powerful tool for predictive maintenance, allowing municipalities to shift from a reactive to a proactive stance. Leak detection and pressure anomalies will no longer be silent burdens that escalate into crises; they will be detectable, manageable, and, most importantly, preventable.

The data collected transcends simple numbers; it tells a story of usage, conservation, and the health of the infrastructure. With this initiative, Koosmik places actionable data into the hands of local authorities, enabling informed decision-making that can extend the life of water infrastructures and ensure that water – a resource all too often taken for granted – is managed with the respect and foresight it deserves.

Sign written the Community of Foubam in partnership with What Water created this water tower digitized by Koosmik in 2024. Water is life.
© What Water 2024

Koosmik’s visit to Cameroon, in collaboration with What Water, is more than a project; it’s a pilot for the future. It’s evidence of the power of partnership and technology in tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our time. By empowering communities with the tools for digitalisation, Koosmik is not just providing a service; it is enabling a transformation in the way water is conserved and valued.

Cameroonian lady enjoying the water after the water tower inauguration
© What Water 2024

This is digitalization in its most impactful form, where every drop of data ensures that not a single drop of water is wasted. 💧

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