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WhatsApp Business enhances customer interaction with AI Tools

A colorful illustration depicting a futuristic robot with glowing blue eyes, surrounded by various icons and symbols representing communication, AI, and technology. The background features flags of India and Singapore, charts, graphs, and messaging icons, highlighting the integration of AI in global communication and business support systems.

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg discussed using AI to help businesses on WhatsApp respond to customer inquiries about purchases and support. Recently, Meta introduced AI-powered features for WhatsApp Business, aimed at assisting in ad creation and managing frequent customer messages. These announcements were made at the Meta Connect conference in Brazil, highlighting Meta's goal to develop AI agents that aid businesses in customer interactions.

Zuckerberg emphasized the vision of enabling various AI assistants tailored for different business needs, allowing any company to quickly deploy an agent for customer communication, support, and commerce facilitation. One key feature allows WhatsApp Business users to create ads for Facebook and Instagram that directly open a chat with the business on WhatsApp.

Meta is currently testing AI-driven customer support that automatically addresses queries about products or common questions, with trials underway in India and Singapore and plans to expand to Brazil. The company assures that AI-generated messages will be clearly marked to inform customers they are not interacting with a human representative.

Additionally, WhatsApp is exploring AI to target messages to specific groups of customers, rather than broadcasting to all subscribers, using Ads Manager to recommend potential audiences interested in more than just order updates.

Collaborating with business partners like RelianceJio’s Inerakt, Gupshup, and Wati, Meta is offering these AI tools for free, targeting merchants who prefer not to invest in additional software. A report by Meta and Bain & Co. highlighted the significant potential for conversational commerce powered by generative AI, especially in markets like India, by making customer interactions more dynamic and intuitive.

While these AI tools are provided at no cost, Meta aims to generate revenue through increased business-customer conversations on the WhatsApp Business platform, betting on the new AI features to boost these interactions.

Source: TechCrunch


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