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Wix launches AI-Powered app builder

Wix screenshot showing a conversation between the chatbot and a human via it's app generator.

Wix, primarily known for its web design capabilities, is introducing a groundbreaking generative AI feature that allows users to create and edit mobile apps for iOS or Android simply by describing their vision in plain English. This new feature, part of Wix's app builder tool, utilizes a chatbot-like interface to gather information about the user's app goals, intentions, and preferred aesthetics. Based on this input, Wix's AI crafts an app that users can further customize and enhance with various integrations and widgets.

This AI-powered app creation tool is an extension of Wix's AI website generator launched in July, showcasing Wix's commitment to leveraging custom AI solutions to facilitate rapid digital experience development. According to Wix co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami, this initiative underscores Wix's mission to democratize online presence creation, including mobile apps. The AI app builder, part of Wix's $99-per-month Branded App plan, produces fully native app code for iOS and Android, offering extensive customization options for branding, layout, and features.

Despite some skepticism stemming from mixed reviews of Wix's AI site builder, Abrahami remains optimistic, highlighting the positive feedback and the hundreds of thousands of AI-generated websites created since its launch. He acknowledges the potential for errors inherent in generative AI tools but assures that Wix is dedicated to continuous product improvement and robust security measures.

While this technology could potentially disrupt the traditional app development market, Abrahami clarifies that Wix aims to offer an alternative, not replace professional developers. This tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with Wix's broader product ecosystem, offering features like usage analytics and app store update management, thus providing a compelling option for Wix's existing user base and those seeking a more straightforward approach to app creation.

Source: TechCrunch


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