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  • Mariane Bunn

Women in tech: leading globally and shaping the future

The tech industry has long been stereotyped as a male-dominated field. But that's changing. This blog post is dedicated to the amazing women who are taking the lead in tech on a global scale.

Woman from different ethnicity posing in front of a globe. There are a lot of elements around that remind technology.

The rise of women in tech

There's no denying that tech has a gender gap. However, that gap is slowly closing. According to a study by Girls in Tech:, the number of women in tech jobs has grown by 35% in the past five years. This is due in part to a number of factors, including:

  • Increased awareness of the gender gap in tech

  • More girls and women pursuing STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • Initiatives that support women in tech, such as mentorship programs and training courses

Women tech leaders

Women have been instrumental in the development of technology since its inception. From Ada Lovelace, who is considered the first computer programmer, to the women codebreakers of World War II, the contributions of women have been pivotal. In recent years, we've seen a surge in the number of women taking on leadership roles in tech companies, founding startups, and driving technological innovation.

There are countless inspiring women making waves in tech.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Reshma Saujani: Founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in tech by inspiring girls to learn coding.

  • Whitney Wolfe Herd: Founder and CEO of Bumble, the dating app that puts women in control.

  • Susan Wojcicki: CEO of YouTube, one of the most popular websites in the world.

Organizations supporting women in tech

There are many organizations working to empower women in tech. Here are a few examples for you to follow and support:

These organizations are making a real difference in the lives of women in tech. They provide the support and resources that women need to succeed in this competitive field.

The impact of diversity

The increasing presence of women in tech is not just a win for gender equality; it's an advantage for innovation. Diverse teams have been shown to be more creative, better at problem-solving, and more successful overall. Women bring unique perspectives and approaches to technology, leading to the development of products and solutions that are more inclusive and serve a broader audience.

The journey towards equality in the tech industry is far from over, but the progress made by women is undeniable. By highlighting the achievements of women in the field and supporting initiatives aimed at increasing diversity, we can continue to break down barriers and create a more inclusive tech industry.

As it continues to evolve, the contributions of women will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology. Let's celebrate, support, and amplify the voices of women in tech, for they are not just participants in the world of technology; they are its future.


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