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Koosmik Corp Privacy Policy

  • Koosmik SA collects personal and financial information, including transaction details, banking information and KYC documents. This collection occurs through payment transactions, the registration process, and direct interactions. Mindfalls SARL and Papilio Production collect contact data, professional information, and project details during contracts or events.

  • The data collected by Koosmik SA is used to manage customer accounts, process and validate transactions, analyze consumption trends, and personalize the services offered. Mindfalls SARL and Papilio Production use the data for IT consulting, media project management, event organization, and to offer services tailored to specific client requirements.

  • Koosmik SA shares information with financial partners and regulatory authorities for compliance and service improvement. Data may also be shared with third-party providers for additional services. Mindfalls SARL and Papilio Production collaborate with strategic partners and clients, sharing data for project customization and efficiency.

    Les données collectées par Koosmik SA sont utilisées pour gérer les comptes clients, traiter et valider les transactions, analyser les tendances de consommation, et personnaliser les services offerts. Mindfalls SARL et Papilio Production utilisent les données pour le conseil en IT, la gestion de projets médiatiques, l'organisation d'événements, et pour offrir des services adaptés aux exigences spécifiques des clients.

  • The Koosmik Group employs advanced security measures, including data encryption, strict access control systems, anonymization and pseudonymization of sensitive information. Continuous monitoring procedures are in place to detect any suspicious activity. Additionally, regular training programs are conducted to raise awareness among staff about data security best practices.

  • The Koosmik group respects the rights of users in matters of personal data, providing means to access their information, rectify it, or request its deletion. Users can also manage their consent regarding the use of their data. These rights are exercised within the framework of data protection regulations.

  • User consent is essential for the processing of their data by Koosmik. The group undertakes to inform users of any significant changes in its privacy policy, guaranteeing transparency and respect for user preferences.

  • International data transfers carried out by the Koosmik Group comply with international data protection regulations. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the security of this data during its transfer across national borders.

  • In the event of a data breach, the Koosmik group has put in place procedures to respond quickly and effectively. This includes notification to relevant authorities and affected users, as well as corrective action to prevent future violations.

  • For any questions relating to this policy or your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at:

    •  Physical address of Koosmik:

              3, rue du Fort Rheinsheim L-2419 Luxembourg

              Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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